Have you ever watched Titanic, and longed for Jack to draw you like one of his French girls (with pants on), but you didn’t want to take your clothes off in  front of him? Well, today is your lucky day…

A Personalised Pants portrait is easy to order. No need to send a pic of you in your pants, just hit the buy button, upload a pic of your face, and choose how you want your body to look by filling in the Pants Portrait Form.

This is a celebration of the human body in all of its wonderful varieties: jiggly bits, wobbles, scars, stretch marks, pokey-out bits, pokey-in bits and all. All bodies are beautiful and valid.

As soon as I receive your order I’ll beaver away, and once completed, your portrait will wing its way directly into your email hole. If you would like to order one of 2 people together (the perfect gift for a new lover), simply order  2 and complete the Pants Portrait Form twice, indicating in the comments that they are together. Get in contact if you have any problems!